Port Huron Statement + 50

Thursday, June 14.  310 South Ashley, Ann Arbor,  7:30PM

“Port Huron plus 50”  Opening Night.  Jubilee celebration of the 1962 “Port Huron Statement.”

An activist party and “thinking together” deliberation on what would be a “manifesto for now.”

Continuing through Sunday June 17. The Port Huron Statement was a founding document of the 1960’s Students for a Democratic Society, sds, advocating “participatory democracy.”   Topics over the 4 days will include peace, poverty, patriarchy, the bomb, the hardest questions,  new paradigms,  the commons, elections, strategies, values and more.

The full program is posted and inviting participation on: http://bit.ly/manifesto4now.

For more information call: Alan Haber, 734 761 7967megiddo@umich.edu


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