manifesto 4 now

Port Huron + 50 and a manifesto 4 now:

7/24 updates: Scroll down to the bottom of the page for recent followup material to the 6/14-6/17 Port Huron + 50 event

Previous uploads:

  • an invitation to think together
  • the text of the 1962 Port Huron Statement
  • a program outline for 6/14 – 6/17
  • manifesto 4 now topics for consideration
  • resources for further reading
  • 6/5: a two-page expanded table of contents for the PHS with subtopics listed
  • 6/5: a template for gathering thoughts for the M4N; and other new resources
  • 6/6: an editable version (.doc) of the M4N template; and a scan of the original Draft of the PHS
  • 6/12: Alan Haber speaking on WDET about the PHS+50/M4N event (see screen shots below)
  • 6/13: on the Resources page, new contributions of thoughts for the M4N
  • 6/15: on the Topics page, notes from the 6/14 opening session
  • 6/16 & 17: on the Resources page, more contributions to the M4N

New material:

  • 6/20: on the Resources page, another contributor’s work posted
  • 7/24: on the M4N Topics page, notes from the 6/16-6/17 sessions, and a draft outline for organizing the notes from all the sessions

Please keep checking in for additional updates as we begin the work of drafting a Manifesto For Now.  Fall 2012 will bring the University of Michigan’s 10/31-11/2 conference on the Port Huron Statement: “A New Insurgency:  The Port Huron Statement in Its Time and Ours“.


4 Responses to manifesto 4 now

  1. alan haber says:

    a good start opening a cyber port for a manifesto for now.

  2. ewardaa says:

    Contributions of thoughts for a Manifesto For Now are starting to come in; see the Resources page — worth reading.

    • Jerry weiner says:

      I don’t suppose just anybody can attend the Port Huron, or post Port Huron conference, but I would be interested if possible. If not,I would like to kept up to date about prgress of the conference.
      Jerry Weiner

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