manifesto 4 now topics

Topics for consideration:

Topics — add, subtract, edit, arrange.

Topics from 6/14-17 sessions, organized in a draft outline:

M4N 20120614-17 outline 20120724 7p

Topics and notes from 6/16 & 6/17 sessions:

M4N 20120617 notes chrono general

M4N 20120616 notes chrono general

Topics and notes from 6/14 opening session:

M4N 20120614 notes

M4N 20120614 notes sorted

Topics in general: How do we put a program together?

  • peace
  • poverty
  • patriarchy
  • the bomb
  • the wars and the war system
  • the hardest questions
  • new paradigms
  • the commons, commoning
  • elections, inside/outside strategies
  • community organization  models
  • sustainable economy
  • non-violence, “diversity of tactics”
  • unions
  • class: working and ruling/ 99%-1%
  • education
  • values
  • basic facts
  • name the system
  • the state of the empire
  • a name for ourselves
  • climate change/earth democracy
  • what is practical work?
  • what is a winning plan?

Other, more specific topics:

  • palestine, prisons, fracking, nuclear power, drug wars, cannabis, fascism, 9-11, assassinations, health care, healing, trauma recovery, …

State of the movements big picture contexts :

  • occupy, anti war, social form/people’s movement assemblies,  labor, student, indigenous, immigrant, environmental, identity, bio-neers, spiritual/faith,  global models, etc, etc..

How do these so far arrange in the spaces of time?

  • how do we keep from losing the forest for the trees, the one struggle in the many fronts,  the clear guiding lines in the multitude of particulars?
  • how to integrate words , and other art, contributed on the “wiki,”  and otherwise, with  ideas and words brought to the meeting?
  • how to have a “thinking together” “democratic consultation,” “crowd sourced” and “community curated,” drawing out the best of everyone who shows up, and producing something of use for follow up?

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