planning notes

Ongoing planning notes:

5/23: Our next planning meeting is Tuesday, May 29, 6:30pm, at 531 Third Street, Ann Arbor (between Madison and Jefferson) 734, 761 7967

Elements — add, subtract, edit, arrange.

local planning committee meetings
Tuesdays: May 22, May 29, June 5, and June 12
other days?
mds conference calls and wider coordination
design of wiki:
web site and links
facebook site
email list of planning/advisory group.
opening songs
closing songs
movement of movements: moving the body
what will be on the “wiki” web site? what have people written?
(will there be any coherent draft to work from?)
“deliberation” toward a “manifesto for now”
follow-up continuations design
time line for “digital pamphlet”
time line for summer and fall, for input into Port Huron@50 programs and other political venues.
communication and meeting report to:
  Occupy General Assembly, Philadelphia, June 30, 2012
  International Organization for Participatory Society, z-net
  United States Social Forum, people’s movement assemblies, continuations team
  University of Michigan October 30-November 2 conference:
          Port Huron Statement at 50, new insurgency, then and now
displays  at 310 South Ashley,  literature tables? Posters?
documentation: video, note taking.
movement for a democratic society: what is mds?
local area and other “sponsors?
310 South Ashley, Ann Arbor (available for whole time for meeting and base of operation )
Eastern Michigan University?
University of Michigan?
transportation if we use several venues?
contingency plan if more people show up than expected?
how many people are expected?
statement of objectives
poster leaflet
where do “out-of-area participants” sleep?
costs, money, funds raising
Invitation letter (neo office) beginning new years 2012
if you cannot attend this meeting, please offer any suggestions you may have to improve and accomplish this Jubilee celebration forward.
alan haber

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