A collection of documents & links:

A template to help gather ideas for the Manifesto 4 Now (based on the PHS Table of Contents) (both .pdf, and editable as a .doc):

M4N template 20120602

M4N template editable 20120602

Thoughts on material for the M4N from various contributors:

random notes for a manifesto for now 20120620

Mindtraining 20120616

Thoughts on Port Huron 20120612

Colorado Group-Email 20120615

Colorado Group-Toward_a_New_New_Left 20120615

Notes for Alan 2012-06-06

thoughts from Alan H on PHS+50 and a manifesto for now 20120608

M4N template – An example 20120604

Topics from the Global Teach-In (20120425) for use in the M4N:

Global Teach-In Topics for M4N 20120604

Link to The Earth Charter:

invitation to think together, new years 2012



2 Responses to resources

  1. minshall says:

    how do i add a document?

    • ewardaa says:

      Right now the easiest way is to email it to me (Eric Ward,, and I’ll post it to the page, which I can do tonight. We are working on a wiki site that has more direct uploading capabilities.

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